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Mess-Free Colorful Songpyeon Mixer

It’s more than a bag, it’s a mess-free color mixer. Ziploc® brand seal top bags easily contain any dough and colorful food dyes to help turn your dessert plate into a beautiful rainbow. The best part? No staining the counters, dishes or your hands while you prep!
No Korean New Year is complete without colorful songpyeon rice cakes. Whether your family is looking for a new way to make an old family favorite, or looking to try something completely new, check out this mess-free tip.


  • Songpyeon dough
  • Songpyeon filling
  • Food dyes (we used kabocha squash, green tea powder and beets)
  • Steamer basket
  • Pine needles


  • 1 Place ingredients for dough inside a Ziploc® brand bag. Close bag using the Smart Zip Plus® seal.
  • 2 Mash and mix for five minutes. If the dough sticks to the bag, it’s too wet and will need rice flour. If it cracks, it is too dry and will need water.
  • 3 Repeat, using a new Ziploc® brand bag for each color.
  • 4 Let dough sit for 20-30 minutes.
  • 5 Shape, fill, steam over pine needles and enjoy!


    If one hand gets messy while you’re shaping and filling the rice cakes, your clean hand can still use our helpful Easy Open Tab – so you can keep working without making a mess.